YOUcoin Token


Youcoin is a token that powers the YOU ecosystem, giving ownership to all individuals in the network. In line with our mission to create a more human digital world for the people, Youcoin will be a token that is fully owned by individuals. There are no VCs involved, nor will there ever be.



  • Name: Youcoin

  • Ticker: $YOU

  • Supply: 1 billion fixed supply

  • Network: Base

  • Contract address: 0x0FA70E156Cd3B03aC4080bfe55BD8AB50f5Bcb98


There are 1 billion YOU tokens created, fully unlocked at genesis as a fair launch. An LP pool was created with all 1 billion tokens injected, fully available to the public. The LP tokens have been burned to ensure full ownership by future token holders and decentralization (

The YOU protocol and token is deployed on Base which enables scalability and reduces transaction costs, while leveraging the security features of the Ethereum blockchain.


The YOU token is designed to have governance properties, empowering users by giving them a say over the future of the protocol. After launch, the YOU core contributors will collaborate with the community and ecosystem partners on key decisions and future initiatives for the protocol and token.

The YOU community of users will also have a say on the token's utility. For example, users may decide to use the YOU token to make payments in the ecosystem, to signal approval for initiatives or to create value accrual methods for the YOU token and treasury.

Following launch, the YOU Foundation will work towards progressively decentralizing governance and the ecosystem. This is facilitated by releasing the full token supply to participants in the YOU protocol.

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