Anonymous Reputation Enrolment

Anonymous Reputation Enrolment

While the underlying process of the YOU Protocol is indeed intricate, the user experience has been designed to be simple and accessible.

User Actions

Here's how the onboarding process is streamlined for the end-user:

  1. Account Creation: Users begin by generating a YOU ID using familiar OAuth logins or digital Wallets. This creates an underlying connection to the YOU Protocol, allowing the subsequent selection of a reputation provider.

  2. Selecting a Reputation Provider: After creating an account, users simply choose the reputation provider with whom they wish to sign. This step is handled seamlessly within the system, allowing users to establish a connection to their selected provider without needing to comprehend the intricate details of the protocol.

These two straightforward actions allow users to quickly and easily engage with the YOU Protocol.

Generation of YOU ID

The YOU Protocol's commitment to privacy and security manifests in its innovative account creation process, offering users the flexibility to generate a YOU ID through conventional OAuth logins or specialized crypto wallets. This wide-ranging accommodation ensures accessibility and ease of use.

The privacy framework of the YOU Protocol revolves around the YOU ID, a distinctive structure encompassing a zk-SNARK (Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge) commitment. This commitment facilitates users in authenticating ownership of particular attributes, such as reputation, without exposing their identity. This is implemented by forming a Semaphore Identity for each user, resulting in a public identity commitment. An additional safeguard is provided by spontaneously generating a BASE wallet address at the time of account creation, preemptively protecting against impersonation.

Utilizing the cryptographic strength of the Poseidon hash function, the public identity commitment is crafted through a random process, yielding a unique value. This sets the groundwork for a hierarchical identity framework within the YOU Protocol, scrupulously devised to uphold anonymity.

In a further enhancement of its structure, the YOU Protocol creates multiple Public Identity Commitments to interface with various Reputation Providers. This design adds an extra layer of security, allowing Providers to solely manage the connection between the Commitment and their specific services. This strategic configuration not only mitigates the risks associated with data breaches across individual Providers but also minimizes the traceability of user information. It is a measured approach that fortifies the privacy controls, rendering the system robust against potential vulnerabilities while keeping user information compartmentalized and secure.

Creation of Reputation Attributes

Within the YOU Protocol, Reputation Providers have the ability to create groups that are deployed as binary incremental Merkle trees. These groups represent different reputation attributes, and each member's addition to a particular group signifies their association with that specific trait.

Examples of such groups can encompass a broad range of characteristics and might include categories such as:

  • "Funny": For individuals known for their humor and wit.

  • "Outgoing": For those recognized for their extroverted and sociable nature.

  • "Smart trader": Catering to individuals who have a P&L of above $100,000 on decentralized exchanges.

  • "Zero late payment history": This includes individuals who have always made successful repayments on their loans.

  • "Resourceful Developers": A specialized group for developers known for their creativity and problem-solving abilities.

The structure allows for a nuanced and multifaceted representation of an individual's reputation, providing a granular insight into various aspects of their character or professional standing. By categorizing reputation into distinct groups, the system enables a more detailed and tailored approach to understanding and utilizing reputation within the ecosystem.

Reputation Enrolment

In the YOU Protocol, when users interact with a Provider within our decentralized applications (dApps), they sign a message that leads to the submission of public identity commitments. This process is integral to ensuring the secure and private handling of user information.The submission of public identity commitments in the YOU Protocol is safeguarded using AES-256 encryption, utilizing the user's unique secret message as the key.

Users will be integrated into the groups as Merkle Leaves, a cryptographic structure used to verify the content within data blocks. This allows users to prove their membership in various reputation attribute groups without the need to reveal their private identity.

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