YOU has 4 key principles to abide by:

1. Accessibility

Every single human on this planet should have the right and means to create and own their identity and reputation. With this goal in mind, the solution should use technology that’s easily accessible by the majority of the population.

2. Privacy

Creating an identity and reputation on the network should use only the minimum amount of data necessary, so that the risks of data leaks and exploits are minimised. Individuals should also be able to choose who to reveal their identity/reputation to and what specific data points they want to share.

3. Decentralised

Having a centralised entity that governs the network poses a systemic risk of abuse, discrimination and concentration of power. It is important that the framework to manage identity and reputation is as fair as possible while reducing the risk of external attack.

4. Self-custodial

Individuals should have the right to own their identity and reputation, and not rely on a centralised entity to store it for them. This allows individuals to fairly access services and opportunities, while reducing the risk of having their credentials confiscated or revoked.

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