YOU Protocol Explained

What is YOU Protocol?

YOU Protocol is a decentralized framework designed to provide anonymous reputation enrollment and proof of reputation. Built on the BASE chain and incorporating zero-knowledge proof technology based on Semaphore from the Ethereum PSE Group, it seamlessly integrates on-chain and off-chain components. This innovation allows users to confirm specific reputation attributes without revealing underlying personal information, setting a new standard for privacy-preserving reputation in the digital space.

Technical Implementation

Key Enablers

  1. YOU ID: A user's digital identity and reputation

  2. Reputation Attributes: Representations of the user's reputations.

  3. Proof of Reputation: Verification of reputation while maintaining privacy.

In later phases, dApps can build on the protocol by becoming either reputation providers or verifiers through our SDK.

Below shows the high level architecture and user journey to achieve the goals.

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