Roles in Ecosystem

There are two key roles in the ecosystem: Reputation Providers and Reputation Verifiers. They can built on top of YOU Protocol via the developer's SDK.

Reputation Providers

In the YOU Protocol, Reputation Providers play a critical and carefully regulated role. These verified dApps have the privilege to validate users, acting as a decentralized network of trust. By embracing decentralized validation, the YOU Protocol not only empowers various entities to contribute to the reputation profiles but also ensures that these Providers are held accountable for supplying accurate and legitimate reputation attributes.

The range of Reputation Providers can be diverse and tailored to the user's unique identity needs. Examples include:

  • Social Apps: Providing personality-related attributes that might capture a user's social behaviors and preferences.

  • Academic Institutions: Offering academic-related attributes such as degrees, certifications, or scholarly achievements.

  • Job Seeking Platforms: Delivering job skills-related attributes, reflecting a user's professional capabilities and experiences.

Each of these Providers serves as a single source of truth in the ecosystem, and their selection is not taken lightly. A dedicated governance body oversees the careful vetting and approval process, ensuring that the system remains resilient, decentralized, and free from undue influence or bias.

Reputation Verifiers

The Reputation Verifier within the YOU ecosystem represents a vital component, enabling third-party applications to validate a user's reputation without compromising their privacy. This is achieved through the integration of Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKP), a cryptographic technique that allows one party to prove to another that they know specific information without revealing any details about that information.

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