Why YOU exists

Why YOU exists

Our mission is to create a more human internet built upon a global identity and reputation network.

The digital age brings unparalleled opportunities for connection and collaboration, but it also presents numerous challenges in verifying identity to separate the humans from the bots. This necessitates a solution for “proof of personhood”. However, we believe that beyond just proving whether someone's a human, their reputation provides a lot more valuable information.

Reputation is the cornerstone of any relationship, whether personal or professional. During digital (and often anonymous) interactions, establishing reputation and trust while preserving privacy is a non-trivial process. Being able to easily verify another party’s reputation unlocks opportunities on a global scale - economically, professionally and personally.

Numerous solutions have been proposed to solve proof of personhood and reputation. However, they have numerous issues ranging from being easily circumvented to being dystopian and having major privacy risks if things were to go wrong.

Youcoin is our answer to a question that resonates with all of us: How can we make the digital world more human?

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